Create and share interactive sales demos from screen recordings in seconds. 

🔥Convert dormant prospects into hot leads
⚡Maintain  a repository of pre-created demos to achieve product led growth
🚀Accelerate your deal cycle with instantly shareable leave-behinds

snackwyze personalized demos

Nurture relationships with personalized demos
Snackwyze personalized demos help you nurture  leads with minimal effort so you can spend more time on things that matter most.

Create a library of "AHA moments"
Demo fatigue is real. With Snackwyze, you can maintain a pre-created library of feature rich demos and personalize them on the fly. 

Snackwyze demo repository
Snackwyze accelerate deal cycle

Accelerate your deal cycle
You can empower your prospects with interactive leave-behinds they can share with their colleagues instantly and become your brand advocates. 

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